Micron Analysis Overview: LPDDR4 DDR4 3D NAND Flash and XPoint Reverse Engineered


With 2018 revenue of $30.4B USD, 16.5% market share in NAND Flash Memory, and 23% market share in DRAM, Micron is one of the biggest players in storage and memory technology. For those looking to support their product development roadmap, circuit extraction, waveform analysis and transistor characterization of Micron's technology can provide valuable technical intelligence that often cannot be found by other means. Since January 2018 alone, TechInsights has catalogued:

  • 156个独特的微米组件,来自
  • 150多种独特产品
  • 26种产品类型,从
  • 60家产品制造商

我们对Micron产品进行了广泛的检查,包括对一些最新的中断器进行了大量的分析:LPDDR4 SDRAM、DDR4 SDRAM、3D NAND闪存和3D XPoint。观看我们的视频,然后下载我们的简报进一步下面。


了解有关Micron的投资组合,我们的路线图,高分辨率模糊比较,包括在我们的实验室中包括17 nm LPDDR4和DDR4,通过下载简介。